Black Friday: Top Eight Black Chokers

forever21-choker-black-styleYes! It’s finally friday. The chic black choker is a hot trend that has creeped back into our lives bringing throwback feelings from the ’90s. Why we ever discontinued this look for a short period of time baffles me. Chokers are a great fashion accessory that makes you look instantly edgy.

Chokers are a versatile piece that can be made in a variety of materials like velvet, satin, leather and lace. They work best with low-cut tops and off the shoulder pieces that reveal your collarbone. They are also the most non-exclusive accessory piece and can be layered with beaded, chain and wire necklaces, which allows you to easily turn the choker into your own style. 

Here are my top 8 black choker picks in no particular order:


  1. Forever21 Spike Choker
  2. Forever21 Tassel Choker Necklace
  3. Urban Outfitters Bombay Velvet Choker Necklace
  4. Zara 2 Pack of Chokers
  5. Nordstrom Collar & Cord Lariat Necklace
  6. BP Faux Leather Layered Choker 
  7. BP Stone Pendant Choker
  8. ASOS Basic Velvet Choker Necklace

Let me know how you style your choker in the comments below!

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