Black Friday: 5 Blog Resolutions for 2017

black-open-shoulder-bow-tie-detail-sweatshirt_sheinHappy Friday you guys! When I first started Black + Black, I knew very little about how the blogging world worked. I followed many fashion bloggers’ social media channels, but not their blogs.

Only when people started asking me about my style did I start doing more research to figure out how to create a website, what hosting site to use and what camera to use. I felt completely overwhelmed but was instantly inspired by this industry.

Now that the first year has flown by, I thought today’s post should be all about reflecting on my first year of blogging and how I can make improvements through 5 resolutions for 2017!

1) Be Bold

Last year my best friend Kelsey and I decided to start a tradition that every new year we would choose a word for the year that would represent us. My word for 2016 was ambitious. That word inspired me to have the determination to succeed in the creation of my blog.

For 2017, my word is BOLD. This year is not just about having determination for Black + Black — it is about taking risks, being courageous, and feeling confident in all that I do for my site.

2) Be More Creative

I want to give you guys more of a say in my posts for 2017. It is important to come up with unique ideas which will be helpful and fun for you all because I see a large number of posts already written on the same topic. So what will make my posts more attractive?

3 ) Be Positive

Negativity is all over social media, but we should always try to bring positive energy. I plan to concentrate on my work and never become over-confident. Here, I can always be calm, keep working, and never stop trying.

4 ) Be Productive

For this new year, I want to start trying to plan my posts in advance to make proper use of all the work I have to do.

5 ) Be Myself

I’ve realized in this last year that to truly connect with my readers and build a community around my blog, I need to do it with my own voice, my own style, in my own way and with my readers in mind.

You are what keeps me motivated every day, I’d love to hear your thoughts!  Let me know what you want to see more of on my blog, social or video posts in the upcoming year. Leave a comment below!

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16 responses to “Black Friday: 5 Blog Resolutions for 2017”

  1. This is so great! Good luck on your blogging goals this year, sister!!

    xo – P

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    1. Thanks a lot love! You too.


  2. Love reading about people’s blog goals and resolutions! I LOVE the idea of being bold (I’ve done a few and they are my favourite types of posts to do – though I still get a lil nervous hitting publish). It can get a little scary the first post or so… but then it gets exhilarating! You’ll see it will make the others fall into place too! Boldness leads to more creativity, which leads to positivity, which leads to productivity and of course, will keep you being YOU! Ha, let me know if that made any sense, but I’m excited to see the boldness grow!! x Shannon

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    1. Thanks for your comment Shannon! It did make sense no worries. And you’re so right. That’s exactly how I feel. ❤


  3. These are great blogging goals. Good luck!!

    Gisel |

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    1. Thanks so much I appreciate it!


  4. These are great resolutions! I made similair ones for my self! Love the one about being positive, that is something I’m always trying to work on!

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    1. Thank you! Good for you, it is super hard, but very important.


  5. Loved reading your goals! I have very similar goals for my blog this year, just starting out and really getting handle on everything!

    Best of luck!


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    1. Thanks so much. Yeah the hardest part is starting and trying to figure out what all there is you need to do for your blog! Let me know if you have any questions. ❤


  6. Great resolutions, love! I just started my own blog in November and am kind of in the same boat! I have so much to learn! ha! But I love reading other blogger’s posts. This was very inspirational!


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    1. Oh well congrats and welcome! Yes! Getting connected with other bloggers is a great way to gain inspiration and support! Let me know if you ever have any questions. 😊


  7. Great goals! There’s so much to learn in the blogging world!

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    1. Thank you!! Yes so so much!


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