Blacked Out Looks -Why & How to Wear All Black?


Black is a color that is timeless. It never fails to look faltering and alluring for anyone at anytime. It’s confidence-boosting abilities are seriously something to take advantage of. The theory that black clothes make you look slimmer is in fact true, black conceals creases and folds in your body. But all black outfits aren’t as easy to pull off as it may seem. When planning to wear all black you want to mix textures and layer pieces to keep your look from blending all together.

With this look, I pulled two leather pieces: my peplum hem jacket from Zara and the stitched pants from Urban Outfitters. I added my silky button up top from Forever21 and the suede knee highs by Catherine Malandrino and I had myself a blacked out look. Let me know what you all think of my layered blacked out look in the comments section below.

xo, Ashley 


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