Three Ways to Transform Your Graphic Tees


Graphic tees are an eclectic piece that can be transformed into an array of styles depending on what you wear with it. 

Here are three ways to style your graphic tee plus another three great shirt options:

1. Over a Dress: 



QUICK TRICK: This t-shirt is not cropped. To make it cropped, I took two bobby pins and folded the shirt up to the length I wanted and pinned it. 

2. Pair with printed shorts: how_wear_black_graphic_tee_outfit_pinterest_blogger.jpglepoard_print_shorta_pinterest_style_outfit



3. Pair with jeans and sneakers: 



Whether your tee is a thrift or extravagant, they all come with sassy sayings, quirky quotes, and translated terms that embody the item we all love.  

Do you wear graphic tees? Here’s three other tees I love. 


Screen Shot 2016-03-25 at 12.35.26 PM

4 responses to “Three Ways to Transform Your Graphic Tees”

  1. Daniela Soriano Avatar
    Daniela Soriano

    All great outfits!! 🙂 Love the sneakers btw

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    1. Thank you Daniela! The sneakers are great too. I wear them everywhere!

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  2. I like the first outfit! Never looked good on me when i tried to wear it like that😅


    1. Thank you! Lol I’m sure you looked great!


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