Black Friday: Top Five Black Flatforms


Yay! It’s Friday! If there’s a style out there that I have been loving, it’s flatforms. Flatforms are like platforms, but instead have a uniform height across the sole which gives you the extra height you want, but without the foot ache…

High flatform shoes can look a little abstract to the minimalist, but with all of the various styles out there, they’re becoming an irresistible funky and fun style.

Here are five flatform sneakers and sandals that will elevate your shoe game:


  1. Choies Black Color Block Sip-on Flatform Shoes
  2. H&M Coachella Flatform Sandals 
  3. Legend Footwear Pam Slip-On Espadrille Flatform

  4. Topshop WAVE Flatform Espadrille Wedge


Screen Shot 2016-03-25 at 12.35.26 PM


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  1. Daniela Soriano Avatar
    Daniela Soriano

    I love them all!! Black shoes are the best!

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