Black Friday: IT Cosmetics Review


For years I have been trying to find the perfect makeup brand for hormonal acne-prone skin. The truth is I will never find the perfect brand, nor will I have perfect skin. What I can do is find products that are packed with ingredients that help improve my skin instead of harm it. That’s what IT Cosmetics has done for me.

I first learned of IT Cosmetics from an infomercial and thought there was no way that it actually works, but after doing more research about the product I decided to give IT a try. It’s now been three weeks since I started using the Bye Bye Foundation along with the other products in their “Your Most Beautiful You” kit and I’ve noticed a significant difference. My skin’s appearance and texture looks softer and smoother and I have noticed that my smile wrinkles have reduced along with my pore size. 

Here’s my application process: 

1. Apply BYE BYE Foundationit_cosmetics_makeup_review_bye_bye_foundation_beauty_blogger_pinterestit_cosmetics_makeup_review_target_application_sponges_beauty_blogger_pinterest

I start by taking two pumps of the foundation onto the back of my hand. Then, I apply the foundation evenly over my entire face with my finger tips. To help blend the foundation, I use Target’s Cosmetics Rounds and pat the product into my skin and blend it down onto my neck. I use the cosmetic round instead of a beauty blender because they are flat and give you a more even coverage. The cosmetic rounds are also cheap and disposable after use. 

2. Apply BYE BYE Concealer


This product goes along way, so I take a very small amount and apply it in a v-shape down to the end of my nose from each corner of my eye. I then use the back of my cosmetic round and blend out the product. 

3. Apply Highlighter, Blush and Bronzer


I start contouring my face by taking the micro-end of my Heavenly Luxe Complexion Perfect Nº7 brush and highlight my cheek bones, cupids bow and down the center of my nose. This end of the brush is perfect for getting the most accurate precision in the smallest spaces. Taking the ultra plush end, I use the bronzer to minimize my jaw line by applying the product from my ear down close to my mouth. Finally, I use the blush to bring color back to my face. I always smile and apply blush to the apples of my cheeks. This helps create a high cheekbone look if you don’t already have them. 

4. Use Brow Power


I brush out my brow to get it all my hairs into the right alignment. I then apply a little bit in from the front of my brown and trace a line underneath of my brow all the way past the arch and to the end. Then I softly fill in the upper part of my brown and arch. I then brush out my brow to make it look more natural. 

5. Mascara Time!it_cosmetics_makeup_review_lashes_mascara_beauty_blogger_pinterest

I use the Hello Lashes Extensions Mascara brush at the base of my lashes and hold it horizontally and brush through the tip of the lash. Turning the brush vertical will add volume, length and separate your lashes. I then use the lash ball detailer on the upper and lower lash line to help define my lashes. 

6.  Vitality Lip Flush 4-in-1 Reviver Lipstick Stain


To accentuate my lips, I brush a little highlighter over them. Finally, I apply my lipstick! It creates a soft pink shade that is great for everyday lip wear.

A finished look! 


Hopefully this review will help you other beauties out there!

Screen Shot 2016-03-25 at 12.35.26 PM

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