Black Friday: Top 5 Cresent Necklaces



Happy Friday! I hope everyone is enjoying October as much as I am so far. I don’t know why, but I am extra excited for Halloween this year. Which is weird because I know I’m not going to do much besides watch Hocus Pocus and eat candy (I know I’m lame). Are you guys doing anything fun for Halloween?

Anyways, crescent pendant necklaces are extremely popular right now and they come in many styles. Here are my top five that I’ve gathered which are really cute and worth the purchase: 


  1. BaubleBar                                                   bauble_bar_moana_lariat_choker_necklace
  2. Forever21                                                       forever21_crescent_pendant_necklace
  3. Revolve                                                                        revolve_gift_of_iah_pendant_necklace
  4. Saks Fifth Avenue                                                                              saks_fifth_avenue_jules_smith_faux_suede_choker_crescent_pendant_necklace
  5. Freepeople                                                          freepeople_horn_choker_white_silver

Comment below if you’ve found any other cool crescent necklaces! 



4 responses to “Black Friday: Top 5 Cresent Necklaces”

  1. Yeah I’ve been seeing these necklaces all around. Looks like they’re trending! Great post 😊

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    1. Yeah for sure! Thanks so much!!

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  2. Bubble bar is my favorite here 🙂

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    1. Same here! Their stuff is amazing.


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