Black Friday: Glamglow Sexy Kissable Lips Set Review


Every winter I struggle with my lips becoming extra dry and chapped. This set from Glam Glow is a great solution for healing my dry lips and leaving them kissably soft. However, there are some drawbacks to the Glamglow Sexy Kissable Lips Set.




The PLUMPRAGEOUS Matte Lip Treatment  for plumping lips to activate a fuller look.

The POUTMUD Fizzy Lip Treatment exfoliates dead skin and preps for even lip color. 

The POUTMUD Wet Lip Balm hydrates and brightens. 


The PLUMPRAGEOUS Matte Lip Treatment

The applicator itself is really unique. To open, you twist the tube clockwise to reveal the silicone doe-foot wand. The formula is formulated to create fast-action immediate plumping actives with tripeptide and tropical tamarind glaze. There is also a blend of shea and coconut to help smooth your lips. 

After applying, I started feeling a stinging sensation which is normal for most plumpers, but then a few minutes went by and the stinging turned into burning. This burning sensation was intense and lasted for about 15 minutes. When I looked in the mirror there wasn’t a difference in the appearance of my lips. I thought that this could just be from the first-time use of a new product and that my skin just needed to adjust.

I’ve now used this product three different times and have experienced the same results. This product was, unfortunately, a big miss for me. 

The POUTMUD Fizzy Lip Treatment & The POUTMUD Wet Lip Balm

Although I wasn’t successful with the lip plumber, I did however really like both the fizzy lip treatment and the wet lip blam. 

The exfoliating lip treatment is great for removing dead skin cells to create an even smooth lip surface. It’s formulated with Caribbean cane sugar, Hawaiian sea salt, and hibiscus flower powder along with tons of other great ingredients for renewing your lips.

The wet lip balm is a product a keep in my purse and apply religiously throughout the day. This helps to keep my lips from becoming dry and chapped. It’s made with Moroccan mint leaf leaves so it tastes sweet and minty.

For the best results, use the exfoliating treatment first then apply the wet lip balm.  

As always, if you want to know if the Glamglow Sexy Kissable lip set is right for you, try it for yourself. We’re all different and what might not work for me might be perfect for you. 

xx, ashley-signature

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  1. Great review!! And the packaging is so pretty!

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      1. It really is, I’m a sucker for cool branding 🙂

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