Black_Dotted-Mesh-Panel-Leggings_shein__Black_Dotted-Mesh-Panel-Leggings_shein-Black-Dotted-Mesh-Panel-Leggings_sheinBlack_Dotted-Mesh-Panel-Leggings_sheinBlack_Dotted-Mesh-Panel-Leggings_shein_look_bookshein_black_dotted_mesh_leggingsWEARING: FOREVER21 SPORTS BRA | SHEIN YOGA PANTS | NIKE SNEAKERS | ZERO UV SUNGLASSES


I want workout wear that’s more relaxed, comfy, and cute!

One brand that has really stepped up their classic gear is Shein. These mesh dotted leggings are amazing for anything from yoga to running. 

Shop my current Shein favorites above! 



2 responses to “Dotted”

  1. Those leggings are so cool. I only like wearing leggings with interesting details and I love how their kind of a mix between leggings and tights.

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    1. Yeah that’s what I like about this pair too. It makes them extra comfy! 😊

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