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The combination of fashion and digital technologies have now become a fashion statement. Designers are starting to embrace the trend and fusion of both fashion and technology and how it can offer innovative new designs that raise the bar in terms of functional design. You may wonder: What is the reason for this recent demand? Well, with our lives are becoming even more fast-paced we are likely to rely even more heavily on technology to improve our knowledge and to manage our everyday tasks more efficiently. So, who’s got the most stylish digital watch?


Style that’s connected is the phrase Michael uses to open up the introduction of the Access smartwatch. Powered by AndroidWear, the smartwatch allows you to connect to any smart phone through Bluetooth technology so you can see all of your phone calls, emails, text messages, and social media.access_smart_watch_michael_kors_silver_tone_

With customization at your fingertips, you can change your watch faces from digital to analog, or even to an Instagram photo from your profile. The complete customization of the watch is what turned me onto it. You can change every little detail down to the dial color and add features like the date and weather to the face style while interchanging the band from a metal to silicone, or to leather. 

Download any app from the PlayStore, control your music, get the weather, track your activity and use voice commands to set alerts or calendar updates. It’s truly an innovative digital accessory that we will begin to see more of on the wrists of trendsetters everywhere.  



-Powered by Android Wear™
-Compatible with iOS and Android™
-Stainless Steel
-44.5Mm Case
-Digital Movement
-Social Media Updates
-Text/Email Alerts
-App Notifications
-Smart Help From Google
-Built-In Fitness Tracking
-Voice-Activated Google
-Clasp Fastening
-Extra Buckle Included To Use With Interchangeable Straps
-Water Resistant Up To 1 Atm
-Two-Year Warranty


How well does it work with iPhone’s since it operates on AndrioidWear?

It works great with my iPhone! I can see and hear all of my notifications, phone calls, emails, text messages, etc.. However, with an iPhone, you cannot respond to any of these notifications like you would if you had an Android. Instead, think of the Access watch as like a fashionable pager (Lol).

How do you download the new Android 2.0 software update?

To download the update, simply connect your watch to your home Wi-Fi to prompt the download. Make sure your watch is still connected to your phone through Bluetooth so it can access your phone’s settings. 

How is it in comparison to the Apple Watch?

The Michael Kors Access smartwatch is meant to be a digital fashion accessory. Michael wanted a watch for the Jet Set women and men in the world whose lifestyle is one that is on-the-go but still connected. Basically, it’s meant for show rather than it is to be another extension of your phone. 

If you have the MK Access watch comment below and share with me your favorite feature!  

As always let me know if you have any questions by sending me an email: blackplusblackblog@gmail.com or in a comment. 

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