#Ad Let’s talk bras! To be honest, bra shopping has always been frustrating for me. I have been measured and sized in stores, so I always thought I was wearing the right size, yet every bra I tried would either dig into my skin or straps would slip off. So, I found myself reaching for sports bras instead.

I was so thankful when @joinPalm introduced me to @thirdlove — a company that complements the female body exactly how it is. This brand has over 78 bra sizes, including half-cup sizes, and their fun and easy Fit Finder quiz helps you figure out what problems you have (gaping, asymmetry, tight on the back, etc.), and recommends what size and bra styles you should get!

I’m wearing the 24/7 Classic Contour Plunge in Mocha in size 34E, and it has me feeling equal parts confident and comfortable! No more sports bras for me! If you’re on the hunt for a new bra, go check out ThirdLove to find your new favorite everyday bra! 

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Photography: @kmags_flowtography

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